John Lewis made me feel like an honored guest

Web PageThe late John Lewis (left) and Wil LaVeist, PhD, currently chief communications officer for Mennonite Church USA and senior executive for advancement for Mennonite Mission Network, meet for a talk show interview in Hampton, Viriginia, in 2015 … Back in 2015, I was honored …

Learning that another world is possible

Web PageDiana Cruz, serving with Mennonite Mission Network and the Colombia Mennonite Church, stands in the doorway of her classroom at Les Leaders school on the La Casa Grande compound in Benin before the COVID-19 quarantine … Diana Cruz created a Language Laboratory at Les …

A conversation with Brian and Noelia Fox

Web Page and Noelia Fox with their daughters, Elisa, Mikaela and Norah, serve in Burgos, Spain … Sharon Norton, co-director for Africa and Europe ministries for Mennonite Mission Network, interviews Brian and Noelia Fox about their experience during this time of COVID-19 and …

Every Sign Matters: A Japanese Sign Language Story

In Japan, there are over 250,000* Deaf people; less than 2% know Christ. They don’t have a Bible or even a New Testament in their language. But the Japanese Sign Language translation team is working hard to bring Scripture to the Deaf in a format that touches their hearts — video.

Watch how the team itself — a found family of believers from all around Japan — has been transformed by God’s Word in Japanese Sign Language, and discover how they hope to see the world around them changed as the Deaf encounter Christ through video Scripture.

* Source:

Ça se passe près de chez vous du 02/08/2020

Cyclamelle, un atelier régional de vêtements pour cyclistes. Avec Michèle Lewi, créatrice de Cyclamelle.

Cet article Ça se passe près de chez vous du 02/08/2020 est apparu en premier sur Fréquence Protestante.

Un livre, Trois Lectures du 02/08/2020

Saïd Haddioui, de la communauté musulmane Ahmaddiya, Anne gaël Attias, élève rabbin du courant libéral et Florence Taubmann pasteur débattent du sentiment d’injustice.

Cet article Un livre, Trois Lectures du 02/08/2020 est apparu en premier sur Fréquence Protestante.

Sharing food for body and soul in Venezuela

Web PageHelena Mirabal and Victor Mendez serve food for everyone after a service at the Mennonite church in El Paraíso neighborhood of Caracas in Venezuela … The church also shares food with their broader community, and especially people who are most vulnerable …

Prayer bridged the Atlantic Ocean

Web PageGod used Mennonite Mission Network's prayer directory, Mission Mosaic, to bring three women together in spiritual friendship … Three women with a thirst for God developed a friendship that has spanned more than a decade and keeps strengthening as they pray each other …

Tuesday webinar to introduce virtual service program

Web PageNEWTON, Kansas (Mennonite Mission Network) — Every summer as temperatures climb up and schools wind down, many church and family groups visit DOOR Discover sites in Atlanta, Chicago and Denver to engage in service and learning experiences … "We don't want to take the …


We’re excited for the wonderful possibilities were facing and at the same time having a ‘feeling of suspense’ because of inherent uncertainties. Before, our journey can be described as trekking through a vast landscape with plenty of landmarks. Now, it’s like navigating through an ocean. No landmarks. We’re charting a new map. But we know our True North. We have our Reliable Compass. We are being moved by the Holy Wind. Uncertain and yet so assured!