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Challenge and hope on the road

“We enthusiastically celebrate that we are a Christo-centric borderless faith community, because as part of Mennonite World Conference, we fraternally unite with 107 Anabaptist and Mennonite [national churches and one international association] across ...

General secretary relocates

General secretary César García and executive assistant Sandra Báez Rojas of Mennonite World Conference (MWC) have relocated to Canada in February 2019 to work out of the Kitchener, Ontario, office.

Agents of hope: Andean Anabaptist solidarity

For the first time in more than a decade, Anabaptist church leaders from Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and Venezuela gathered together, 9–12 November 2018, in La Cumbre, Valle, Colombia. They studied the Bible, sang in community, and listened to each other a...

Peace by piece: a ministry of sewing

“The church must do its job, offering people charity and spiritual teaching, so that a person may be transformed,” says Safari Mutabesha Bahati. Mennonite Association for Peace and Development (MAPD) in Malawi, a member of the global Anabaptist Service...

MWC celebrates legacy of two leaders

Mennonite World Conference lost two leaders currently serving in official roles. Pascal Kulungu, member of the newly formed Global Anabaptist Peace Network steering committee, died 16 January 2019 after a short illness. Manjula Roul, member of the Fait...

Migrant solidarity in the Honduran church

Migration is shifting populations around the globe. Motives are diverse, from meeting basic needs, to fleeing violence and seeking opportunities. Churches are affected as they lose members to migration and gain opportunities to live out the gospel amon...

MWC’s Top 10

As we looked back at 2018, we gathered Mennonite World Conference's most popular news stories based on website views. In case you missed them the first time, here are the most visited stories from the global Anabaptist family in 2018. 

Who’s new?

The people of Mennonite World Conference are always working to create space for relationship among the members around the world. Meet the newest faces on the team.