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Stirring Up Peace—MennoCon21

Sarah and Jonathan Nahar lead the MennoCon21 seminar, 'Stir Up Peace: How Nonviolent Direct Action Creates Change' on July 07, 2021

CINCINATTI, Ohio (Mennonite Mission Network) – The first exercise that Jonathan and Sarah Nahar led in their s...

A house of peace

Photo by Nick Collins on Unsplash

Looking at the scriptures with an eye toward mission

Joe Sawatzky shares a Missional Meditation titled "A house of Peace

It is based on the Revised Common Lectionary for Sunday, July 18

Living out commitment to peace

Faith Bell at the MC USA booth at MennoCon21

MennoCon21 was the first Mennonite convention I attended

I had heard stories about my church's past youth groups basking in worship

I had heard colleagues tell of the experience...