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Turmoil in Ecuador

Alexandra Meneses, Tanya
Benavides, and Alba Silva from Quito Mennonite Church in Ecuador

The sign in the center translates to: "Where there is
peace, there is justice

Ecuador has generally been a very peaceful and politically sta...

Missionary Myth #2

Alisha Garber, who serves with Mennonite Mission Network in Barcelona with her husband, Joshua Garber, enjoys some play time with their son, Asher

This is the second post in a three-part series addressing some of the common myths and misconce...

Letting others be Christ to you

Jenna Baldwin and Cindy Headings at Garden of the Gods park outside of Colorado Springs, Colorado

My term of service in
Colorado Springs, Colorado, with Service Adventure was both the best and
toughest year of my young life

A highli...

Three missionary myths

Alisha Garber and her son, Asher, walk by the sea during some family time

Alisha and Joshua Garber serve with Mennonite Mission Network in Barcelona, Spain

Note: This is the introduction and the first of a three-part series that add...