Entrées par Wycliffe Blog

A Book of Wisdom

The Bible is crucial for evangelism, but literacy is crucial for discipleship. Learn how both have transformed the Ifè people in Africa!

Be Owned: A Call to Holiness

Holiness can’t be attained by practice or force of will because it’s not about simply being good; it’s about being owned. Learn more about what it looks like to be owned by God and called to holiness.

Joyful Expectation

Being a mom to seven kids has provided Kelly with plenty of opportunities to rely on God for help. Read about how God taught her to rely on him alone.

Let Go: A Call to Repentance

An uncomfortable, fundamental reshaping of our hearts forces us to see beyond ourselves to the truth that life isn’t all about us. God calls his children out of the wild grasping and into the confidence of knowing we’re cradled securely in his arms.

A God of Hope

Trauma can make people feel hopeless. But through translated Scripture, people find hope and healing. Learn about trauma healing workshops through reading Larry and Cami’s story.