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A Great Need

“Working with Wycliffe is all my wife’s fault,” Terry laughed. “I thought serving with Wycliffe meant going into a village in the middle of nowhere and staying there for the rest of my life. … I thought Rachel was crazy!”

Rooted and Established in Love

Meet the team translating Scripture into Japanese Sign Language, learn about the complexities of translating Scripture for sign languages and discover how the Deaf in Japan are meeting Jesus in video format.

Every Sign Matters

Imagine being taught a language in school that would make everyday communication difficult. Now imagine trying to understand a Bible in that language.

Faithful in Uncertainty

I will never read the story of the flood account in Genesis 7-8 the same again. Over the past several weeks of sheltering in place, I feel as if I have new insights into how Noah and his family might have felt during their time in the ark.

A Mission Rooted in Love

Faced with the rapid spread of COVID-19, Daniel and Rachel Lewis were at a crossroad: Should they stay in Ethiopia where they served as teachers at an international school or should they return to the U.S.?