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How to Be Happy

"What makes you feel so alive that you know it can’t be from yourself, that it is ethereal and divine?" Learn about the difference between happiness and joy.

Heart Returns on Investment

Janet Vaughan shares Bible translation with anyone who will listen, including her Sunday school class and her trainer at the gym. She says, “Everyone I tell is interested, but it’s just a story to them. Being a part of the work of Bible tr...

A Map, a Compass and a Guide

“What is God’s will for my life?” Maybe that’s what you’re asking right now. At different points in life you may find yourself having to make decisions that determine where your life is headed.

Landing in the Right Spot

Matt Cousins had two passions as a child: a love for Jesus and a love of airplanes. When he met a missionary pilot at a summer camp as a child, he began to feel prompted to pursue a career in aviation. Though his childhood call was to become a missionary pilot, Matt’s career led him in a different direction.

Sharing the Feast

Sarah Jane Capper studied journalism and art history in college, and after graduation, enjoyed success in her corporate communications career. But she still felt like something was missing. God kept drawing Sarah Jane back to missions.