MWC walks with family through hard times

Mennonite World Conference (MWC) has worked with Anabaptist partners in response to recent disasters affecting member churches. Long after aid money has been spent, the hard work of restoration quietly continues as churches help the community rebuild, regain livelihoods and recover from trauma.

Mission and service workers: ambassadors of peace

From 6–8 September 2019, 23 members of GASN and GMF organizations in 12 Latin American countries met in Cachipay, Colombia to strengthen fellowship and unite under their shared vision of service and mission as extensions of Anabaptist churches.

Hindi publication resurrected to share Mennonite news

To share news and a sense of identity among the 4,900 baptized members of the 22-congregation Mennonite Church India Dhamtari CG (MCI), a magazine committee resurrected Mennonait Mandli Samachar Patrika – a Hindi-language news magazine for the Mennonite church – in 2015.

Anabaptist testimonies inspire Anabaptist lives

The image of Dirk Willems reaching back to rescue his pursuer from the ice is iconic for Anabaptists. But just as powerful are more recent – and more diverse – stories of Anabaptists who live out peace and reconciliation in ordinary but sacrificial ways as they follow Jesus today.

MWC worship resources draw the family together

Gathered and scattered. Mennonite World Conference creates space for the global Anabaptist family to worship together, together in body in one location, and together in spirit in many locations.

Out of horror, Kasai survivors rebuild lives

Earlier this year in Tshikapa, DR Congo, four Congolese women laughed together as they filled a water trough for their pigs – animals that hold the promise of income for them in the year to come. Their laughter stands in contrast to their experiences, just two and three years ago, when they fled their villages in the Kasai region of the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DR Congo) to avoid being killed.

More curious, more daring

“During this year I have learned to be more curious and adventurous. When I return to my country, I hope to be a better servant for Christ and in my church, and also to be more daring when assuming responsibilities,” says Gerhard Peters, a 2018–2019 YAMEN participant.

MWC Commissions strengthen bonds of communion

From 25–27 June 2019, leaders and members of the four Mennonite World Conference (MWC) Commissions met together for a time of face-to-face discussion, reflection, worship and strategic planning to advance the mission of MWC.

“On the Road” together

“Normally when I am away from home, I only want to go home again. Now, I just want to stay here,” said one participant in the first European Menno’s Global Youth Assembly. From 30 May to 2 June 2019, 45 young Mennonites from The Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland and Ukraine met in Dopersduin, Schoorl, to connect, inspire each other and learn from each other about what it means to walk together as one church.

Preserve church documents, say church historians

“The global church works best when all her parts are engaged in sharing their stories,” said Patrick Obonde, director of missions at the Anabaptist Leadership Education Centre in Kenya.